Information for parents – Admissions to Church Schools

Admission Policy Statement

It was agreed by the Governance Committee of the Diocesan Board of Education that the general statement to be included in admission policy statements by school governing bodies would be:

‘The school was founded to provide education for children of the parish of XXX. It is a school for the whole community whilst it seeks to offer a Christian based education to all children; grounded in the Diocesan vision of “excellence, exploration and encouragement within the love of God”. The school values the involvement of all parents in supporting the school’s Christian ethos. As a Church of England school, we hold regular Christian collective worship and festivals, both in school and in Church.’

Admissions to Church Schools

Voluntary Controlled Schools

Voluntary Controlled Church of England Schools are required to operate the Local Authority's agreed admission policy. Full details of these, together with information on the admissions process, can be found on the relevant Local Authority website:

Voluntary Aided, Foundation and Academy Schools

The governing bodies of Church of England Voluntary Aided and Foundation Schools and Academies are responsible for setting their own individual admissions policies; copies of these policies will be available from the respective schools or can be found in the Local Authority's admissions guidance (see above).

Over-subscription criteria

Some Voluntary Controlled Schools and most Voluntary Aided Schools give preference in their oversubscription criteria on the basis of proven faith commitment. Details of how this works in each school can be found in the school's admissions policy.

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