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We run a range of events to support, nurture and encourage pupils, headteachers, staff, governors and those involved in education in the Diocese

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Date: 4 January 2019
Time: 9.30 am - 3.30 pm
Location: Epic Centre, Lincolnshire Showground, Grange-de-Lings, Lincoln, LN2 2NA


Sir John Jones has captivated school leaders in the region and now we are delighted to bring his Magic Weaving Business to all of our teachers and support staff on one BIG INSET day!  You all play a crucial and challenging role in shaping and educating young minds.  The day will begin with a welcome and reflections on the current context from the Diocesan Director of Education.  Sir John Jones will present two sessions either side of lunch.  He will invigorate and revive your enthusiasm but in a very  practical way.

Why is it that some children get more opportunities than others? How can we break through those barriers?

The aim of this day is to send you out to weave more magic in your school.  The day will include ti me for you to work with your colleagues on how to apply the magic back in the classroom.

Sir John retains a very down to earth approach to education, believing it to be about social change, never just about ticking boxes or meeting targets. Covering an impressive range of educational issues from leadership and inclusion to organizational development and ‘futures thinking’, Sir John is guaranteed to give all those who come into contact with him food for thought, practical ideas that will make a difference and a genuine and moving sense of awe at the power teachers have to change young lives.

Following the March 2018 publication of Embracing Change, the Church of England’s report on Rural and Small Schools, we are delighted to invite you to our forthcoming Day Conference.

It will focus on 3 core areas of Rural and Small Schools development:

•    Leadership Development    –    recruitment/retention, career pathways, collaborative networks and expansion of the Executive Head role

•    Resources   –   teaching and learning, sharing of specialist provision, budgets, academisation, economies of scale

•    Community   –   centrality   of   schools   in   small communities, relationship with Church, opportunities for social action, economic impact of schools in rural settings

The conference will gather key leaders from across the region to reflect on important questions, be inspired by fresh thinking and commit to on going  innovation through networking  and collaboration.  Alongside a range of inspirational case studies and panel sessions, there will be opportunities for schools to join the Foundation’s Peer Support Network, fully funded for 2 years.

Who is this conference for?

This conference is for leaders working in Rural and Small Schools and will be of interest to Headteachers/School  Leaders,  Governors, Clergy,  &  Local Business Leaders.  We warmly invite community schools to join us alongside Church of England schools.

To book, please email or call Patricia Dixon: patricia.dixon@lincoln.anglican.org, 01522 504010

Professional clerking is a key factor in ensuring effective governance, and these sessions will also include aspects of training and development, tailored for supporting a variety of Church School


Members of the Diocesan team who deal with Foundation Governor appointments will be on hand to answer any questions.

The sessions will be facilitated by members of the Diocesan Education Team, in partnership with Clerks experienced in maintained school, standalone academy and multi-academy trust governance.

Venue: Diocesan Education Centre, 103 Newport, Lincoln, LN1 3EE

Time: 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Cost: £50.00 for schools in the SLA (£80.00 for schools not in the SLA) includes refreshments

To book, please email or call Patricia Dixon: patricia.dixon@lincoln.anglican.org, 01522 504010

What does progress look like and how can we accurately show this

What went well? What worked? How can we improve? The training will give a range of ideas on accurately measuring and tracking the progress of pupils.

The morning session will be led by a number of experienced professionals looking specifically at literacy, mathematics and progress from a governor’s perspective. They will share good practice and a range of ideas and strategies for the assessment of pupil progress.

The afternoon session will give delegates the opportunity for discussion, networking and the chance to work on aspects of pupil progress and tracking with professional support.

This event will be led by three of our Specialist Advisers, Dr Jeannie Bulman, Jenny Cook and Libby Wragg.

Venue: The Showroom, Tritton Road, Lincoln, LN6 7QY

Time: 9.30 am to 3.00 pm

Cost: £165.00 for schools in the SLA (£265.00 for schools not in SLA) includes buffet lunch

To book, please email or call Patricia Dixon: patricia.dixon@lincoln.anglican.org, 01522 504010


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